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Amber Facts

PinewoodsAmber is in fact fossilised tree resin or sap from coniferous trees in ancient forests of around 40 million years ago (in the case of Baltic Amber). The sticky tree sap gathered organic bits and pieces in its path as gravity led it to the ground. Water drops, moss, bark, seeds and even insects became entrapped in this translucent goo preserving them in almost perfect condition as the resinous sap hardened over time like mother natures plastic time capsule.


Amber is considered a gemstone but it is an organic gemstone like a pearl as they are both formed by a biological process.

Amber is a symbol of eternal divinity and eternity as the victims trapped within the stone is preserved forever.


Amber jewellery is not new, as far back as 2500BC it has been found 600 miles from where it originated. Amber was highly valued and popular around this time as it is not as hard or as difficult to work with their primitive tools as its mineral counterparts. The ancient Greek word for amber was electrum, around 600BC Thales of Miletus a Greek philosopher described the magical ability of Electrum (Amber) when rubbed against a pelt of fur to become electrically charged which has given us the word “electricity”.

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